High School Security Guard Saves Choking Student With Heimlich Maneuver


A high school security guard is being hailed a hero after saving a choking student by performing the Heimlich maneuver.

The incident was captured on security cameras at Greece Athena High School in Rochester, NY.

It shows the security guard, Robin Cooper, jumping to her feet as the student runs over for help.

School security director Steve Chatterton shared the video on Twitter. He told local media outlets the student’s family gave him permission to post the clip but the boy’s name would not be shared.

“Have you ever sat through training and wondered why you were there? Training pays off. Huge shout out to my security guard Robin Cooper who recognized a student was choking and performing the Heimlich maneuver!”

Cooper said she doesn’t feel like a hero, and that she was just doing her job. She said she’s been at Athena for five years and has never had an experience like this in her life.

“At first I was startled, and then I was like, ‘Oh no he’s choking, his face is red,’ that training really helped it was on spot, I’m just thankful that I was in there in the right place in the right time to save that child’s life,” Cooper said.